Juggling running, work and family

I have been asked to write on life as a busy mother, full time worker and a 6 day a week runner

Some people might wonder how in do I fit training. I run anything like 50 miles a week to close to 100 miles depending on the time of the year. if I’m marathon training I put in 30 mins each day for strength and stretching. The thing is to plan everything out in advance.

On Sunday evening I plan my week ahead. I take time to check the kids training ,my husbands shift work and my own work and I go from there. I have been doing this since I started running a few years ago. As a result I know when I’m training ,what training session I’m doing and who I’ll be training with. Sometimes it means I have to run before work at 6am so I can get to a football match or training. Like everyone else my family comes first .I’m really lucky I usually start work at 6.30am and finish at 2.30 pm then its home ,dinner prep ,house cleaning ,training and collect from school all done before 6.30 pm .Then its getting ready for the next day .

My rest day is all about housework and shopping and baking this is my down time .I haven’t watched television in months. I’m usually on a yoga mat doing strength work instead .I do go to pilate’s once a week and I meet up with friends for a treat in Costa once a week .Boring I know but I love my life ,I’m really healthy and most of all I so enjoy running .

Hope people get a tip or two out of this. To be honest its all about planning and time management .

Article credit to Sharon Woods.