Joining a club

After perhaps 6 to 8 weeks of light jogging you should be comfortably able to run for a sustained period of time anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. The pace at which you run is unimportant but you may be curious as to how fast you can actually go. Running three times a week will bring sustained health and fitness benefits. You will lose unwanted fat around the neck, the legs and the tummy. The loss of fat and the accompanying weight loss is a great re-enforcer to encourage you to keep up your new hobby. You will sleep better and be able to deal with everyday life stressors in a more confident way. You will also notice that a (nice) impatience will creep into your psyche, annoyed you may have to miss the occasional run due to work or family or social commitments. Your food choices will also become more positive – perhaps moving to increased desire for fresh fruit and vegetables or experimenting with new healthy dishes and positive culinary desires. On a more humorous level you will probably turn into the worse kind of running convert driving your friends and family mad with constant interjections about your running. At this point it’s probably best join a running club and meet other running nuts!!!!

Don’t be intimidated about joining a running club. The majority of members are not all super-fast runners. The majority of members are like yourself – aged somewhere in the 30 to 50 bracket interested in running and the social aspects that comes with joining a club. A good running club caters for runners for all abilities. It should have well-structured training sessions, be run by qualified and experienced coaches, with the emphasis on positivity, affirmation and inclusivity. If you are shy or quiet by nature simply get in touch with the club captain, chairperson and coach and they will introduce you to the members. Many clubs will have a Facebook page or a website to keep members up-to-date with club activities. Try a number of club sessions before deciding if you wish to commit to joining. Club fees are very cheap and it will certainly improve and advance you as a runner. It’s probably however not a good idea to jump headfirst into every training session at breakneck pace. Start at a moderate pace and build up your strength over a few weeks.


Article credit to Cathal Daly