Stewards Instructions 2019


As we count down to the most important event on the Club calendar , we wish to again thank the 200 volunteers and Club Officials / Club Members who have made the Mallow 10 possible.

The safety of all Runners , fellow Road Users and Volunteers remains our No 1 priority and all of our safety measures have been designed with this in mind.

To this end in consultation with Cork Co Co and an Garda Siochana , Traffic Management have been engaged to draw up and implement a detailed traffic management plan for specific stretches of our course notably Robs Bridge / N20 junction right through to  Annabella Roundabout / Traffic Calming on Navigation Rd. In addition specific Road Closures for Start / Finish areas and immediate feeder roads have been granted.

Traffic Management will have overall responsibility for the specific stretches under their control ( Rob’s Bridge to Nav Rd ) and we will provide Stewards to assist as per instructions already posted.

Due to Club insurance restrictions and Traffic Management having absolute ownership for deploying traffic cones , safety signage etc etc on the route , UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any Steward / Volunteer interfere with ,  move , or otherwise assist either before , during or after the race with cones / signage etc etc.

Your co-operation and assistance is greatly appreciated.

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