Mallow AC COVID-19 Return To Training

Mallow AC COVID-19 Return to Club Training UPDATE


Mallow Athletic Club are delighted to announce that limited club training will commence on Tuesday 14th July.

We have been working on our Return to Training Protocol to ensure the safe return to training for all members. This protocol is based on guidelines issued by the Government and Athletics Ireland.

At commencement training will be limited to groups of 15 people but to ensure that we can offer training to as many members as possible several groups will operate on each night with commencement times staggered.

We may not be able to accommodate every member on every night, but the aim is to ensure that each member gets a minimum of one session per week.

The guidelines that we will follow, and the declaration required by all members can be found below.

In summary, what members need to do to get back training is:

1) Read the guidelines and if you have any queries please ask the safety officers (Liam Murphy, Catriona Ryan, Shane Simcox and Clive Aherne)
2) Fill out the Pre-Training Form and email to at least 3 days before the first session but not more than 6 days before. Please note forms not sent direct to this email address or paper forms will not be accepted. Forms sent closer than three days before training will be held over until the following session
3) You will be assigned a training group and allotted a time to attend training – these times have to be strictly adhered to i.e. if you are late you cannot slot in with your original group or another group
4) There will be an automatic check in i.e. no pens, paper or physical sign in for training
5) Adhere to social distancing

This process is a lot different to what we are all used to but it’s the only way we can get back to some form of club training.

For the new system to work safely and efficiently we need member buy in to the protocol. We have to apply the rules strictly.

We would ask for members understanding in relation to the protocol and the people who have to enforce it – remember they are volunteers, trying to set up a system that is also new to them with the aim of getting back running in a safe, friendly and social distanced environment!

We look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks.

Clive Aherne
Club Chairperson


The following link is the Mallow AC return to training guidelines

The following link is the Mallow AC return to training form

Those of you interested in attending training on a regular basis to click on the link below and complete the Mallow AC Club Training Preference Form

Mallow AC Club Training Preference Form