Mallow AC C25K program

C25K program

Every feel like you want to try out running.   Think its not for you?   Well why not give it a try.

 The Couch to 5k initiative was started by Mallow AC 5 years ago and we have had over 300 people complete the programme and participated in the Dan Byrne 5k on the Friday of the June bank holiday weekend.

The programme for the C25k is running from March 28th to the 5k Race on Friday June 2nd and is supported by Kostal Ireland.

It’s a ten week programme and designed to take people from not having run before to being able to complete a 5k run in that time frame.

Training will be on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6:30pm in Mallow

We will meet at the road behind the Railway Station at the junction of the kennel hill and navigation road at 6:30pm Tuesday 28th. Please park on the Navigation Road.

We will also have training on Saturday Mornings in Doneraile at 10:00am.

While running with a group is easier, if you were unable to attend all sessions, you will be able to follow the plan yourself. 

The culmination of the programme will be the 5k race, but this should be looked at as the start of the journey. Many of the previous “graduates” of the C25K have progressed to running 5 and 10 mile races, with quite a few having completed half and full marathons.

Mallow Athletic Club has grown to be Cork’s largest athletic club on the back of our Couch to 5K programme.

 If people are wondering if they would be “fit enough” to take part …..if you can currently walk for thirty minutes, by June 2nd you will have no problem being able to run a 5k in close to or even less than that time.

For further information check out Mallow AC facebook page