Mallow AC 200 sponsored by John Buckley Sports


Mallow AC John Buckley Sports 200 points challenge 2018.

Current scorecard July 2018.  Click here.

Mallow AC are continuing to run a 200 point challenge in 2018.

The aim of this event is to encourage members of Mallow AC to

  • Participate in races that are run by Athletic clubs in the Cork and Limerick areas.
  • Help give each Mallow AC member a goal for the year, regardless of times
  • Encourage members to participate in cross country and road championship events by awarding extra points.
  • To award members highly with points who volunteer to steward during Mallow AC races
  • To encourage members to sign up for membership early in the year.


  • Points are awarded to runners who compete in the listed events on the following link.  Mallow 200 races
  • Points only counted when members are paid up members of Mallow AC.   (3 months grace given at the start of the year) Points will be deducted if membership is not paid by the end of March. For those who become members on or after April 1st – points will only be awarded for events completed on or after the date of membership.
  • Points are awarded for completed races when we can see that you registered for your race under Mallow AC.
  • Events that are highlighted in green are weighted with higher points to encourage people to take part in these events.
  • Points will be awarded for 1 marathon in the calendar year. This can be completed anywhere but the result will need to be verified.   Runners should email me when they complete the marathon so I can credit points to their account.
  • Points for stewarding during Mallow AC races are given when the runner cannot run in the event due to the stewarding commitment.
  • Draw for all members who have reached the 200 points will be held at the January 2019 AGM.
  • If for any reason a race is cancelled we will replace it with a new race if the cancelled race is not rescheduled in the calendar year.
  • 2 extra races have yet to be added to the last quarter of 2018. Once the calendar is clearer I will update the file.
  • Points for each member will be published monthly and will be available on Mallow 200 results tab
  • Events not on the list will not be considered for credit.


  • Runners who achieve 200 points will enter 4 draws for prizes of €200, €150, €100 & €50.
  • Runners who achieve 150 points will enter 3 draws for prizes of €150, €100 & €50. (Runners who earned 200 points will join these draws)
  • Runners who achieve 100 points will enter 2 draws for prizes of €100 & €50. (Runners who earned 200 & 150 points will join these draws)
  • Runners who achieve 50 points will enter 1 draw for a prize of €50. (Runners who earned 200 & 150 & 100 points will join these draws)
  • Only 1 prize will be awarded per person. If a runner is successful in a draw – they will not be entered in any subsequent draw.
  • The draw will be done at the AGM once we have the year end total.
  • Our sponsor John Buckley Sports has kindly offered an incentive for members building points.
  • John Buckley will give store discounts based on the finishing point scores.
    • 200 points. Earns a 25% discount voucher
    • 150 points. Earns a 20% discount voucher
    • 100 points. Earns a 15% discount voucher
    • 50 points. Earns a 12% discount voucher

These discounts will be given to people at the yearly AGM once we have the year end total.

Note: Discount vouchers do not apply to items already on sale in the shop.

Quick Links.    Click here for Monthly results tab

Some Q and A’s

Q:  How come its not open to every race.

A:  There is a lot of administration required to run this.   If it was open to every event then we would need to monitor results from every race all year long.  By selecting certain races we know where to pull the results from and we know that the clubs are listed so we can easily administrator this.

Q:   Are you asking Mallow AC members only to run in these events.

A: Absolutely not.  Runners will pick what ever events they want to run in.  This is just an incentive by the club to get people running races.  There are more then enough events listed for members not to run listed events and still clock up 200 points.

Q:  Why are some races worth more then others.

A:  Well as a general run we have just doubled the race distance to get the points.  Some events like cross country we have weighted heavy so as to encourage more members to do these.  Also we are using the point system to reward people who volunteer to help at mallow AC races instead of racing.

Q:   I have a race.  Can I add it to the list.

A:   Within reason.  If we don’t have 4 events already.  If its a club run.  If the race fits in to the month.   Lets just say we wouldn’t see a benefit in having 2 half marathons in one month.  If you want your race added just give me a call and we can see if it fits.