Dublin marathon 2016

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Dublin marathon 2016

Dublin marathon 2016


I have built the program taking the following into account.

  • You currently can run between 10 and 12 miles at the moment,
  • You have run a race at least 10 miles in distance in the last few months
  • You are healthy and don’t have any underlying health problems.
  • The program is for 14 weeks.
  • Your expected mileage should max at 43 miles at the highest part of the program.
  • There will be weeks where you should try train for 5 days.
  • Your expectation should be to get around the marathon course.   This program will not be one built on getting a fast time.
  • I have included races in the program which I highly recommend people do.
  • Where possible, I have included your training session as part of our club sessions.


Presentations from the marathon talk night.  22nd August

Nutritional Therapist  Jennifer O’Callaghan BSc, DipNT, NTOI


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For the general tips presentation click here.