2018 Mallow 10 Mile Road Race March 25th


Race website can be found at the following link



Stewards Instructions can be found at the following link  


Elite Entry: While the main race is full, we have reserved places for elite entries with recent 10 mile times of sub 56 for men and sub 61 for women.

Contact Paudie Birmingham at padraic DOT birmingham AT gmail DOT com or ring 086 3849159

Time bonus

Time bonus for any runner who breaks the following times
Male Cash prize   ///  Female Cash prize
Sub 49:30 €250 Cash prize   ///  Sub 57:00 €250 Cash prize

Course bonus

€250 Euro if the Male or Female winner breaks the course record.
Martin Fagan 48:28   ///   Michelle Finn 56:29
€250 Cash prize   ///   €250 Cash Prize

Note if you have demonstrated the following times in other distances we will also accept.

Male 5k = 16:10
Male 10k = 33:30
Male Half marathon = 1:15

Female 5k = 17:40
Female 10k = 36:30
Female Half marathon = 1:21:30




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